A Student Who Was Threatening To Shoot Up A School In The U.S. Was Actually From Ontario

She has since been arrested and charged.
A Student Who Was Threatening To Shoot Up A School In The U.S. Was Actually From Ontario

The United States has been plagued with the conversation on gun control for weeks after the tragedy in Florida turned into a rally for change, dividing the country. While there has been yet another threat on a U.S school, this story comes with a twist as it didn't come from a student at the school, but rather a Canadian student from Ontario. 

The 14-year-old girl who remains unnameddue to the Youth Criminal Justice Act made several online threats against a school located in Hanover, New Hampshire. The threats were made via an Instagram post where she even mentioned she would start a shooting at the school.  

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The threats definitely weren't taken lightly as police obtained a search warrant and then proceeded to seize all electronic devices in the house. While the police have yet to find any connection between the girl and the school she was threatening, they have not fully ruled the possibility out. 

How the police found out about the girl's threats was through tracking her IP address from a posted Instagram message. From there they were able to track her down to her residence in Brantford, Ontario.

The girl was arrested on Tuesday night under the charge of "uttering threats to cause bodily harm or death," and later appeared in court on Wednesday for her bail hearing. 

Unfortunately, this hasn't been a rare occurrence since the Florida shooting. As Ontario's provincial police have had several similar cases, this instance happening just a day about 5 teenagers from Ontario were charged with making online threats to schools in Ontario. 

OPP Sgt. Peter Leon spoke with The Canadian Press on Tuesday noting that he believes that the threats have something to do with trying to gain followers and popularity. Though experts do note that after a high profile school shooting, threats usually tend to spike. 

Source:HuffPost Canada

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