We all know that studying can be a total snooze-fest, but for one Toronto teen, her books put her to sleep...literally.  17-year-old Kaleah Smith was studying inside Pleasantview Toronto Public Library on Friday afternoon when she dozed off with her head in her schoolwork.

Hours later, she awoke to find that everyone around her had vanished, the lights were off, and the library was locked.  In the time that she was taking a nap, the library had closed and she was trapped inside.

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"I put my head down and when I woke up...well, I first got up, and I looked up, and there was nobody in the library where I was around," Smith told CityNews Toronto.

She was alone in the Pleasentview library, a situation which she says was very scary.  "It was a very traumatic experience" Smith explained in an interview with CityNews.

"I quickly got my stuff, put on my jacket, was ready to leave.  And then as I started to head for the exit, the alarm went off.  So the motion sensors went off."  Despite the blaring alarms, Kaleah was ultimately able to get out before security even showed up. 

A 17-year-old found herself locked in a Toronto Public Library after she had dozed off and it closed with her still inside. @MaleehaCity with why the teen was possibly overlooked by security. https://t.co/ba5g210mxv

March 27, 2019

Kaleah's mother, Paula, told CityNews, "I was very concerned that the library did not have the proper security checks."  Paula emphasized that since this library was public, she was concerned for the safety of the individuals who visited the facility.

When CityNews requested a comment from the library, Toronto Public Library's Communications and Stakeholder Relations Manager, Ana-Maria Critchley, released the following statement: 

"Our staff do walk-throughs in the branch every evening after close to make sure members of the public aren't still in the building, but in this instance, we, unfortunately, missed the customer.  An alarm went off at Pleasant View branch at 6:39 pm on Friday evening and security arrived shortly after, but by that time, the customer had already left."

Kaleah did not hesitate to show her frustration in responding to the library's statement, "I was in an area where it was not hard to find me if I was sleeping - it was not hard for you to tap on my shoulder if I was sleeping at all."

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Kaleah says that from now on, she'll be studying at a different Toronto library.