Toronto Family’s Beastie Boys-Inspired Holiday Video Goes Viral

Bringing "another dimension" to holiday greetings.
A Toronto Beastie Boys Video Homage Intended For Friends & Family Has Gone Viral

Now, this is a new take on holiday cards. A Toronto mom and her two kids shot footage which pays homage to New York City hip hop group Beastie Boys and their hit song "Intergalactic." The Toronto Beastie Boys video was shot as a twist on their annual holiday postcards but what was made for family and friends has warmed hearts all over.

Angela Young and her four- and six-year-old kids paraded through downtown Toronto in all-white suits and construction hats, with yellow construction vests to recreate the classic 1998 music video.

The minute-long clip was uploaded to sites including YouTube and Reddit. The original post alone, on the popular subreddit r/videos, has amassed over 500 comments and numerous awards.

The mastermind and super fun mom who came up with the retro idea, Angela Young, told Narcity she never expected this kind of response.

"My kids and I do a Christmas card every year that we mail out to family and friends," Young told Narcity in a phone interview. 

"This year, since it was just the three of us, we wanted to do a theme of three people and Beastie Boys was like a classic favourite of mine."

While it was meant to be just a cute postcard to family and friends, Young thought to add some bonus content for them to also enjoy.

"It was just going to be a little bonus piece of content while we were basically just travelling to go take this picture at Yonge and Dundas," says Young.

Thanks to the help of her coworkers, Young was able to put together a pretty accurate tribute to "Intergalactic" in all its late-'90s glory.

"A couple of coworkers agreed to come out with us and shoot and one directed, which is challenging with two kids, getting them on the beat."

According to Young, the whole process took about two hours but her kids seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

"We basically just walked from Front and Spadina — like where the City Place bridge is — to across Front and down to the PATH."

She continued: "Then we went to Union Station, took the TTC up to Yonge and Dundas, and did the last scene at Dundas Square. We did the whole thing in under two hours."

After seeing the finished product, Young's coworkers suggested she upload it to YouTube for everyone to see.

"We did a postcard and put a QR code on it so when our family and friends got the postcard in the mail, they could scan it with their phones and it would link to this video," says Young.

When asked why she chose "Intergalactic," Young explains it was a clip she loved as a kid.

"I loved that video when I was a kid, when I would see music videos, especially like, that kind of have that low-budget feel, it sparks so much creativity."

"It just made me want to make cool videos so I've been doing that since I was a kid. Now that I can do it with my own kids, it's just fun on a whole other level."

It's hard to argue they haven't done a pretty damn good job of replicating the video — camera angles and all.

And the reaction on Reddit agrees.

"Hope these kids realize how kickass their mom is when they are older. Awesome video," wrote one commenter.

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Young admits the experience was also one for the kid in her own heart.

"What's amazing is that like, when you're a kid, you don't have that self-consciousness. Like, kids don't care what people think of them when they walk down the street for the most part. Sometimes, you lose that as an adult and I just always try to project that as much as possible."

She and her family have certainly set the bar high for the best annual Christmas cards.

Consider yourself challenged, Toronto!

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