You would think that if a police officer is caught breaking the law they can expect to be fired from their job pretty darn quick.

But one Toronto Police officer kept getting in trouble with the law for two decades and was still able to keep his job.

That is until this week when he was finally fired. So, what made his newest crime a big enough deal to get fired? 

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The official straw that broke the camel’s back on this one is that Police Const. Troy Sylvester stole $80 from the wallet of someone he was booking.

But that pales in comparison to some of the other things that he’s done in the past 20 years.

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He’s been caught driving drunk with his kids, he’s been convicted of assaulting a woman and he’s shown up for work under the influence and he’s sworn at other officers.

Sylvester had been suspended without pay since 2014 but was still a part of the police force until this week.  Acting Supt. Richard Hegedus told the Toronto Sun that, "this was not a single incident in an otherwise unblemished career. [Sylvester] has previous findings against him...and has been convicted twice in criminal court."

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Sylvester wrote in a letter to the court that alcohol abuse, depression and prejudice as a result of being Native Canadian contributed to his run-ins with the law. But he is asking for one more chance. 

However, it looks like Sylvester has blown all his chances, and he will officially have to hand in his badge. 

Source: Toronto Sun