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A Celebrated Toronto Hockey Rink Was Just Scrapped For A Marijuana Production Facility

The new facility will be used to test medical cannabis.

If you were hoping that Scarborough would be landing a new hockey rink, we have some bad news for you. It was revealed on Tuesday that the owners of 756 Warden Ave., a piece of real estate that was initially approved to become a two-rink Toronto hockey training facility with a gym back in 2018, will now be used as a medical marijuana production facility.

So, instead of becoming an area for kids to lace up their skates, it will be a facility that helps people unwind in a completely different way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do much to ease the worry of residents who fear that hockey might be in decline in the area due to lack of space.

Toronto.com reported that when the training facility was first announced, it received praise and support from both current and former NHL players who saw it as a chance to coach in Scarborough.

“As of right now, there’s a huge shortage of ice throughout the city, and some rinks are shutting down," Former St. Louis Blues goalie Chris Beckford-Tseu said at the time. “Clearly, there will be a tremendous amount of community benefit,” added Scarborough Centre Councillor Michael Thompson about the newly scrapped rink.

Despite its high praise by both hockey players and councillors alike, the training facility ultimately failed to gain enough traction.

So far, there have been no comments from the players who originally endorse the idea of the sudden change of plans.

The City of Toronto stated that the replacement production facility would be used as a laboratory to test cannabis.

However, the other three proposed buildings on the site will be used to house a variety of office, retail, and restaurant space.

Scarborough councillors officially pushed forward the required zoning application preliminary approval back in October, but a community meeting on the proposal won’t be held on the matter until early 2020.

The vacant property is located just south of Scarborough's Golden Mile, which covers six acres between Comstock and Hymus roads.

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