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This Toronto Hockey Fan's Basement Is An Incredible Leafs Museum (VIDEO)

The basement's even had visits from former Leafs!
A Toronto Maple Leafs Basement Has Gone Viral Because It's Just Like A Museum

Basement goals! We’ve all seen fans with memorabilia scattered on their walls and beautifully framed jerseys, but one Ontario family's Toronto Maple Leafs basement takes hockey fandom to the next level. Complete with hockey nets, real glass, and real NHL boards, this basement looks like a museum you’d need to pay admission to.  

Monty Robbins has been a Leafs fan for his entire life.

“I always envisioned if I ever built my own house I would build an actual rink in it,” he told Narcity via Zoom. 

The basement, which took about four months to complete, is filled with impressive paintings that capture special moments in Leafs history.

From the lowering of banners at Maple Leaf Gardens to a painting of Robbins’ own father who worked as a hotdog vendor at the Gardens for many years. 

Though, Robbins admits he did take some creative liabilities.

Including the board ads, which are tweaked to include the family’s names.

When it comes to Robbins’ favourite part of the basement, the answer is easy. It's the Darryl Sittler section. 

“When I was 12 he (Sittler) threw me a puck during a pre-game warm-up. At the time, it was the greatest moment of my life,” Robbins says. 


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That precious puck sat on Robbins’ nightstand for years before finding its final home in the basement.

“When I built the rink, I decided that this needed a permanent place in the wall and I literally had a hole cut out of the wall and glued the puck inside.”


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It was Robbins’ dream to one day have Sittler see the basement himself. And, as the Leafs goal song goes, dreams come true. 

“I waited 40 years but it happened,” Robbins explained. The former Leaf came and signed the wall under the iconic puck. 

And he wasn’t the only Leafs legend to leave his mark. Just three months before he died, Johnny Bower also came and autographed the wall.

[rebelmouse-image 25982878 photo_credit="Monty Robbins" expand=1 original_size="2592x1944"]

As far as adding to the basement goes, Robbins has left a blank section on the wall where he plans to paint the year of the team's next cup win. 

When asked if he would ever consider selling the home, Robbins jokingly replied: “Only if I sell to another Leafs fan.” 

Honestly, we wouldn’t want to move out of here either. 

This may be just one of many iconic Leafs basement makeovers, but with no details spared, it's one of the most impressive. 

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