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Toronto Cat "Marshall" Is Going Viral On Twitter And Here's The Whole Adorable Story

Toronto cat "Marshall" made famous by Toronto woman and it's reminding us why we love Twitter.

We’ve all caught ourselves staring out our windows at work, usually out of boredom until something catches our eye. Sometimes it’s the traffic below, while other times it’s an extremely adorable cat. Erika Strong was staring out her work window at Shopify in Toronto when she noticed a cat in someone’s apartment window across the way. Using her creativity, she put together a plan to learn the cat's name and now he is Twitter famous.

A few weeks ago, after admiring the adorable cat with squishy cheeks from afar, Strong decided it was time for her to finally get to know the mysterious cat's name. In individual sticky notes, her and her co-worker Alison Fleming spelled out “What is your cat's name?” and stuck them to their office window so they would be visible to the owner of the apartment with the adorable squishy cheeked cat.

Then they waited. At first, there was no response and Strong assumed it was due to the owner’s forgetfulness, “I like to imagine that the reason it took them so long to respond is that they had to print it out at work and remember to bring the piece of paper home,”.

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Every day I stare out the window @shopify at a cat in someone’s apartment. Weeks ago @_myles and I asked what its name was. Today they obliged and weve never been happier. pic.twitter.com/NKkMN9ViD4

January 23, 2019

Finally, the owner remembered and as Strong wandered into work one day she was greeted with the answer that she and her office had been waiting for. Taped to the window, a slightly crumpled piece of paper read in big bold letters “Marshall,”.

Strong took to Twitter to share this story and since then Marshall the cat seems to be the only thing that people are talking about. Since yesterday, the tweet has picked up so much traction that even people from other countries are chiming in on how wholesome this is.

Not to worry though, because Marshall and his owner will also be aware of how famous they have become, as Strong posted another string of sticky notes today reading “What’s new? You are Famous!”

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Patiently waiting for Marshall to return to the window and find out that he’s finally made it. pic.twitter.com/NjI39a7Dva

January 24, 2019

Now Strong his running a poll to see what question she should ask Marshall next. Should it be: "What's your middle name?", "Like, after Eminem?", "Do all cats hate Mondays?" or "Mew?"

Here are some options for a follow-up question. Plz vote.

January 23, 2019

With all of our news feed been plastered with cats, it reminds us all why we love Twitter so much.