A Woman Went Manic During Kathleen Wynne's Public Address And Her Reaction Is Priceless

It's no secret that Kathleen Wynne hasn't been everyone's favourite politician as of late. But it seems that one woman made her distaste very clear at her latest public address that has people laughing but also scratching their heads. Especially considering her reaction became so out of hand that security had to step in and place the room on lockdown. 

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It all went down when both Wynne and John Tory joined each other on stage for a news conference. During their question period with reporters, a woman became manic, screaming for John Tory's attention from outside the room about Toronto Community Housing. The screaming grew so loud that it completely interrupted the conference and drew these hilarious reactions from both Tory and Wynne: 

Security eventually was able to calm the woman down but by that time Wynne had already left to continue on her press circuit at Queen's Park. When Tory came back to the podium by himself he admitted that episodes like this actually happen quite frequently so there is no need to worry about getting extra security.