Adam Sandler Got Yelled At In Toronto This Weekend And The Video Is So Confusing

He's been spotted all over the city this week for TIFF.
Adam Sandler Got Yelled At In Toronto This Weekend And The Video Is So Confusing

Toronto is a big city. Over 2.8 million people call the 6ix their home. So, it's safe to say that most people that live in this city have had at least a few memorable random encounters. Even Adam Sandler in Toronto this weekend had an experience he probably won't soon forget.

A video shared via Twitter on Sunday showed Adam Sandler getting into a brief but intense encounter near Yonge-Dundas Square. In the clip, a man is seen approaching and yelling at Sandler, who appears to be talking to someone on the phone.

According to Hello Magazine, Sandler has been spotted at a few celeb-filled TIFF parties in the city this year. The Happy Gilmore star is in town for the premiere of his new film Uncut Gems

A few other Torontonians have also seen the star walking around the city this week. Let’s just hope the rest of his interactions with locals have been more pleasant than this one.

Thankfully, most Torontonians give celebrities a warm welcome during TIFF season. A Toronto coffee shop's hilarious campaign proved to be successful when Tom Hanks took time out of his TIFF schedule to visit Grinder Coffee in the city's East End. 

If you're in the mood to spot celebrities, you need to check out our guide to the best celeb-spotting restaurants in and around Toronto. As the TIFF progresses, famous actors, actresses and directors flood the city ahead of their movie premieres.

While most locals are excited about the film festival landing in Toronto again this year, some are not as keen. There have been major protests on the first night of TIFF last weekend.

Canada Goose is a proud sponsor of TIFF, which welcomes PETA protestors last Friday night. The protestors argued that TIFF should cut ties with Canada Goose.

Canadian actress, Pamela Anderson also spoke out and denounced the relationship between Canada Goose and TIFF. Canada Goose responded that they "remain committed to the responsible use and ethical sourcing of all materials in [their] products," in a statement to Narcity.

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