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The AGO Is Now Free For Everyone Under 25 & Their New Yearly Pass Is Crazy Cheap

The Art Gallery Of Ontario is launching a new initiative on May 25th.
Toronto Staff Writer
The AGO Is Now Free For Everyone Under 25 & Their New Yearly Pass Is Crazy Cheap

Toronto art fans just lucked out in a major way. The Art Gallery of Ontario just announced that it will be offering free admission to those 25 and under in the hopes of broadening its audience while providing paying customers with a new $35 annual pass. The AGO free admission announcement was made by the gallery today, along with several other amazing initiatives. All of which will be implemented as part of a one-year experiment that comes into effect this month, on May 25th.

Right now, a membership to the gallery costs $45 for students and $110 for the general public. The $35 pass is being implemented as a new cheaper option for those who fall out of the age range for free admission.

According to Stephan Jost, the AGO's Gallery Director and CEO, the new changes are meant to entice people to visit the AGO more often instead of simply buying a single-ticket admission, which will increase from $20 to $25 and include special exhibitions.

According to Jost, popularizing individual passes will allow the gallery to get to know the visitor and begin to tailor to their needs and suggest promotional material more effectively.

The AGO also announced this Thursday that it would be launching a new all-day, all ages party called AGO All Hours. The party is scheduled to take place at least three times a year. The event will continue to evolve and change throughout the day to appeal to families and art nerds alike.

“If you come in and you buy just a ticket, we don’t know who you are now. So, I can’t spend time communicating to you what’s going on – you’re anonymous,” explained Jost according to CityNews. “With the annual pass, you’ll no longer be anonymous, which will allow us to tell you about what we’re doing.”

Advanced sales for $35 annual passes begin today. Customers can buy their passes online at, in person at the AGO or by calling 416-979-6648.

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