Air Canada Wins Award For Best Airline Food In North America But Based On Reviews, Some Passengers Disagree

Air Canada has won the outstanding food award by Pax International Readership Awards, but some Canadians aren't agreeing.
Air Canada Wins Award For Best Airline Food In North America But Based On Reviews, Some Passengers Disagree
Ontario Editor

One important factor while picking which airline to fly with is the food. When toughing it out on a 10-hour flight, you always want to make sure that you won't be absolutely starving by the time you land and that the food that you are getting is actually edible. Today, Air Canada announced that they won the award for Outstanding Food Service in North America, but some previous passengers don't seem to agree. 

The PAX International Readership Awards awarded Air Canada with two separate awards this week. The first was Outstanding Food Service by Carrier in North America, and the second was Best Business Class Amenity Kit in the Americas. Both awards commemorated the excellent accommodations that Air Canada brings to its passengers every single day. 

Andew Yiu, Vice President Product of Air Canada announced in a statement how honored Air Canada is to have received this award. He states that this award was due to all of the hard work and service partnerships that Air Canada has, including a partnership with Canadian chef David Hawksworth, healthy choices, and "route-specific meals." 

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With receiving such an honour, some Canadians agree that Air Canada food is amazing. However, many of the passengers state that Air Canada food could definitely use some work. 

In the past year, passengers have reached out through Twitter to express their opinions on the food that has been presented to them on an Air Canada flight. Many of them state that the food is not the quality that they had hoped for.

Here are some of their comments below, suggesting that none of these passengers would give Air Canada a food award anytime soon. 

aircanada food is so bad im about to be sick

March 22, 2019

Gotta love those outrageous prices and really bad food.

March 20, 2019

Having travelled Melbourne-Vancouver recently, i have to say i will never fly Air Canada again. 13.5 hrs of bad service and food. Thank God for @Qantas

December 26, 2018

Also wow the food on @AirCanada is truly bad. I mean, airplane food is airplane food but this was next level bad.

November 22, 2018

Its unfortunate about Air Canada flights to south asia. once the food was so bad that my mother was food poisioned. Its horrible because the only way to bring this to air canada attention is leave a feedback and then you get a reply in 2 months..

September 8, 2018

However, bad tasting food isn't the only complaint that Air Canada has received about its food service. Some passengers have also reached out via Twitter to express their concerns about the lack of food options. For example, some passengers like this one complained that proper vegetarian and vegan meals were not available. 

if you are vegan or have any other kind of food restriction, do not fly @aircanada they will get your meal wrong every time

March 31, 2019

Despite these bad reviews, it is your choice to decide whether you find Air Canada food fantastic or not and clearly the people behind the PAX International award think it's fantastic. 

Air Canada has also received a few other awards recently such as "Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness in North America 2018" by Skytrax and "Best North American Airline For Internation Travel" by Business Traveler USA. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor