Everyone’s favourite Canadian post-hardcore band are taking a hiatus from their hiatus to bring die-hard fans a new single and a short but sweet mini-tour this summer. Alexisonfire released their new single “Familiar Drugs” this Friday, the first new song from the group in nearly a decade, and it does not disappoint. The Juno-winning hardcore outfit had teased their fanbase on social media for the past few weeks. The band has officially announced that they'll be ending their tour in Toronto on June 15th at the Budweiser Stage. 

According to frontman George Pettit, “Familiar Drugs” was the first song the band had wrote together since breaking up back in 2011, making it a perfect first release for them. However, a follow-up statement in line with the band’s noncommittal attitude since the breakup, saw Pettit claimed that it was too early to be thinking about releasing another full-length.

The band first began hinting at a reunion at the start of this month, sharing several images on their Facebook page before posting a video which had “Familiar Drugs” spelled out in glowing green neon lights.

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Devoted fans eventually discovered that if you up the brightness contrast on the black pictures it reveals three numbers, 2, 15 and 19 - which of course, ended up being the release date of the single.

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After Petit first announced the band’s first hiatus back in 2011 on the group’s official website, which was followed up with a farewell tour before members finally parting ways in 2012, the band remained relatively inactive until appearing at Riot Fest in Toronto in 2015.

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The group prematurely announced an official reunion while playing the festival, before clarifying on a Facebook post that "as good friends as they had ever been," there were "no immediate plans" for the future. But those dark times are finally over and the band is officially back with new music and plans for the future.