One of the worst things in the world is not knowing what to eat. You've already committed to the fact you want to eat, you're just indecisive as to the dish of choice. You, embarrassingly, hold the line up at McDonald's, or stare at various take out menus until the words don't make sense anymore. And then you inevitably end up munching on something highly disappointing, wishing you hadn't eaten at all.

Well, I'm here to tell you that those days are coming to an end. Fufu Rocks is the answer to our prayers. Opening up in July, Fufu Rocks is all about making food based on your mood. It's kind of a blind order - you choose your mood, (the options being happy, sad, adventurous, tired, busy and love) and pay the $18 for dinner and dessert. The meal is delivered right to your doorstep, and then see what you get! It's brilliant.

To make your eating experience the best it can possibly be, the team at Fufu rocks teams up with gourmet chefs from around the city to create meals perfect for you. What could be better?

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