All The Coolest Movie Spots You Can Actually Visit In Real Life In Toronto

You won't believe these were actually filmed here!🎬
All The Coolest Movie Spots You Can Actually Visit In Real Life In Toronto

It's no surprise to anyone who lives in Toronto that our great city is a hot spot for the filming of movies and TV shows. You might not even realize it when watching some of your favourites but a lot of them actually feature prominent Toronto locations. 

The reason Toronto is one of the top film locations in the world is because it's so versatile. In many of our favourite films and TV shows, Toronto has become New York City, Chicago, Boston and so much more! You might be surprised to discover what some of the best Toronto locations have been transformed into in movies like Mean Girls, Hairspray, and A Christmas Story. 

If you're a die-hard film fan and want to discover a different side of this city, read on and you might just learn something new! 

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Lower Bay Subway Station

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The Lower Bay Subway Station has become a popular spot for filming in both TV Shows and movies. You'll recognize it from the extremely popular The Handmaid's Tale which was filmed entirely in Toronto as well as huge Hollywood hits like Total Recall and Suicide Squad. If you want a chance to spot some movie stars filming their latest box-office hits this is a safe bet!

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Bay Adelaide Centre

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Are you a fan of the show Suits? If so, you definitely have to head over to the Bay Adelaide Centre building to get a peek at some of the actors like Harvey Spector, Donna, and Mike Ross. They're currently filming the next season so you can see the infamous yellow cabbies from New York and most likely a coffee cart or two parked outside.

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Etobicoke Collegiate Institute

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If you're a Mean Girls fan, and honestly who isn't, then you're going to want to pay a visit to the Etobicoke Collegiate Institute. This is the where the filmed all the scenes at the front and back of the high school, including the infamous scene where Regina George gets hit by a bus. It's a great spot to take some photo ops and even recreate the scenes for yourself.

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Casa Loma

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It's pretty clear why Casa Loma is a popular film location in the city, it's a stunning castle! It has a rich cinematic history including cameos as Xavier's school in X-Men and the Mooney's penthouse in Cocktail as well as appearing in movies like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Hannibal! Seriously, if you want to spot some potential movie stars in their next endeavor or just want to see where any of your favourite movies were filmed, Casa Loma is a great spot to visit in the city.

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University of Toronto

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The University of Toronto campus is one of the most picturesque locations in the city, there's no denying that. That's why it's no surprise at all that it's the top choice for a lot of popular movies and TV shows. Some of our favourites like Mean Girls, Good Will Hunting, Resident Evil: Afterlife, and so many more featured the iconic buildings.

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450 Pape Ave. Mansion

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It's no secret to Torontonians that Stephen King's It was recreated on our very own streets. The main location used in the movie is the super creepy It Mansion that's actually location at 450 Pape Avenue in Riverdale! If you want to see how they create the terrifying home to one of the scariest clowns on the big screen, this is where you should come!

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Distillery District

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The Distillery District is a beautiful location in the city and many people love to come here for the shops, cafes, and the adorable Christmas market in the wintertime. But it's also been a popular pick for filmmakers! You can visit the sites where X-Men, Cinderella Man, Chicago, and so many more were made on the unique cobblestone streets.

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Port Lands, Cherry Street

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Now that Christmas is just several short weeks away, it's the perfect time to visit the site of the famous A Christmas Story film location. If you head down to the waterfront to Port Lands on Cherry Street you'll find the spot where the Parker family's car gets a flat tire and Ralphie Parker's Old Man says his classic 'oh, f..udge' line! This should definitely be on your list of classic film spots to visit in the city.

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Toronto City Hall

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Toronto City Hall and Nathan Philips Square have been a major location for filmmakers in the past. It has been the spot for films like Resident Evil: Apocolypse, The Sentinel, Pacific Rim, and The Vow. But the most memorable appearance was in Star Trek: The Next Generation when it appeared in the scene pictured above!

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Dundas Street West

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You probably had no idea that this hilarious, entertaining film starring huge names like John Travolta, Zac Efron, Queen Latifah and more was made right here in Toronto. Who doesn't love Hairspray? Set in Baltimore, Maryland, this is another example of how filmmakers completely transformed the streets of Toronto into an entirely different city!

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