Canadian rail workers could be going on strike tonight at 10 P.M., which means your GO Train commute tomorrow could be majorly delayed. 

While CP Rail doesn't run the GO Train system, there are a lot of spots where the tracks cross each other and even some sections that CP Rail owns. That means if there's a strike you could experience major signal delays and even track maintenance issues as there would be less workers in those spots. 

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If you're a regular GO Train commuter take note of the following lines that may be affected if there's a strike tomorrow: 

Lakeshore West - since CP Rail owns a section of track by Hamilton you can expect long delays through that area

Barrie - this line intersects with a CP rail track, which any Barrie passenger knows already causes delays, but those could get even worse

Milton - unfortunately for Milton Line passengers, CP Rail owns and maintains this entire line meaning they can expect long delays along the whole track

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If you are one of the unlucky commuters affected, there isn't much you can do except sit tight and wait. 

Fortunately you can at least stay up to date with any information! GO Transit has a service alert system that you sign up to receive emails or even text messages letting you know about any delays or major disruptions.

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The CP Rail union has served a strike notice and could officially begin striking tonight at 10 P.M. 

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