This is not a drill guys, cherry blossom season is officially in full swing in Ontario! This weekend the cherry blossoms finally bloomed and now High Park is swarmed with people admiring these beautiful flowers up close and personal. 

The Japanese cherry blossoms are usually only around for 1 week out of the spring which means that anyone who wants to see them in person has to get down to High Park ASAP. Experts are saying that the peak time to view these stunning pink flowers will be mid-week on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

With the blooming of these amazing flowers in High Park, people from far and wide flock to High Park to see them and get their pictures of course. High Park during cherry blossom season is probably one of the most intsagrammed spots in Toronto during spring. So we thought we'd show you all the pictures you don't (or maybe you secretly do) want to see from the first weekend of the cherry blossoms! 

You can expect many-a selfies with the blossoms in the background, up-close macro shots of the flowers, and some landscape shots of these stunning flowers in full bloom! Let's take a look! 

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