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All The Places Where You Can Get Free Stuff For Paying Your Monthly Bills In Canada

Yep, you can actually get rewarded for paying your bills.

Show of hands: Who came into their 20s thinking adulthood would be the bomb and now lives a life of 8-hour work days, student loans, accumulating bills and a whole lot of wishing you could afford cool stuff? I know my hand is up, and if yours is too, you're going to want to hear what I have to say next. 

Adulting doesn't have to be all work, bills and no play - one Toronto app is here to make sure of it. 

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Paytm Canada lets you earn rewards for paying all of your bills on your smartphone. With every transaction that you make in the app, you'll earn Paytm Points that you can redeem for free stuff like coffee, movies and groceries. You can even use your Paytm Points towards things at Sephora, for UBER rides, or even to get yourself a meal on UBER Eats. It's known as 'Canada's most rewarding app' for a reason. 

If you're skeptical about rewards apps because you've been duped by ones that don't actually pay off in the end, don't worry. For every transaction that you make with Paytm, you’ll collect Paytm points: 1 point = $1 spent (some conditions apply).

The app basically turns your bills into instant rewards that can be redeemed at a variety of stores like:

Tim Hortons

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Start getting your daily coffee and Timbits for seriously discounted prices. Turns out bills aren't so bad!


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With Paytm rewards, you finally have an excuse to take yourself to the movies and stuff your face with popcorn and candy.


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Nothing's better than a good book, so go ahead and buy yourself one with your rewards!


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Buy yourself those yoga pants you've been eyeing up since forever. Or treat yourself with a brand new sports bra. You deserve it.


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Get an unlimited supply of thrillers, romcoms and fantasy movies for just paying your bills.


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We all know makeup can be pricey. Use your rewards to get discounted goodies like lipstick, eyeshadow and pretty much any other cosmetic you can get your hands on.


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Have you been saving for a big ticket item for ages? Put some of your Paytm rewards towards a new MacBook or iPhone and treat yo' self.


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Did someone say venti caramel frappuccino? Or dragon fruit refresher? Or eggnog latte? Or all of the above? With Paytm rewards you can get it all.


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Dust off that Amazon Prime subscription you bought months ago and start spending!!


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Get discounted rides to work or back from a night out.


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Who wants to pay for gas when you can get it for free? Turn those bills into a well-deserved road trip!


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Hotels are one of the biggest expenses of any trip. Use your Paytm rewards to get seriously discounted (or free) hotels around the world.

Interested? Here are the full deets:

  • 1 Point = $1 Spent
  • Search from thousands of providers to conveniently pay all of your bills
  • Paytm Points can be converted into Paytm Cash, which can instantly be used towards a bill payment or to send money nationwide
  • You don’t get charged any service or convenience fees (literally $0!) when you use your linked bank account, Paytm Cash or Mastercard credit/debit card to make a payment on the App
  • Paytm is totally secure
  • Link your credit card, bank account or add money to your Paytm Cash
  • For a limited time, when you sign up, you can collect 10,000 Welcome Points when you pay a bill of at least $25. Once your payment has been processed you will unlock another 10,000 Bonus Points which you will collect at the end of the month. That’s 20,000 Paytm Points just for downloading the app and paying a bill!

Not only does the app give you points for every transaction that you make, but they’re also running awesome contests too! To help you get in the holiday spirit, users will automatically be entered into daily contests any time they make a bill payment of at least $50!

Here’s how it works: continue to make your bill payments as usual with Paytm. Whenever you make a bill payment of at least $50, you will be entered into a daily draw for 50,000 Paytm Points (a $50 value)! The contest actually gets better: any time you make a bill payment of at least $100, you will automatically get entered into a daily draw for 100,000 Paytm Points.

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To make it simple, a bill payment of $50 or more qualifies you for the first contest, while a bill payment of $100 or more qualifies you for both. What’s even better is that you can actually enter multiple times, as you will get one entry per bill category that you make a bill payment towards. For instance, if you pay a $100 mobile bill and a $65 utility bill, you would get 3 entries total (2 for the 50,000 point draw, 1 for the 100,000 point draw).

The contest will run from December 1st to January 31st, so you’ll have plenty of chances to enter (terms & conditions apply).

Take the chore out of paying bills and turn it into things you can actually enjoy, like coffee, yoga pants and an unlimited supply of romcoms.

The Paytm Canada mobile app is available to download for free from the Google Play store and App Store. For more information about the Paytm app, visit www.paytm.ca, or check out their Facebook and Instagram page!