Whether you're looking for Shawarma, tacos, Italian, or some amazing pho, Hamilton is your place to go.  In the past couple of years, Hamilton has seriously stepped up their restaurant game and it seems like the rest of the GTA has started to notice.

We have compiled a list of 21 of our favourite restaurants in Hamilton, and we want you to make it your mission to try them all!

Regardless of whether you're a local or just a fellow Hamiltonian looking for a few new places for your next date night, we have you covered!  Be sure to comment below and tell us the places we need to include in our next Hamilton round up!

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1. Mezcal // 150 James St S.

Mezcal is easily my favourite taco spot in the GTA (and yes, that is Toronto included). They have an unreal panela taco, which is a must try for any cheese lovers, and their nachos are next level.

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2. Pho Dau Bo // 15 Cannon St. E.

I tried Pho Dau Bo for the first time last weekend, and I can definitely say that it exceeded all my expectations. The portions are massive and each dish is packed with flavour!

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3. The Ship // 23 Augusta St.

The ship is an awesome spot on Agusta to grab a beer and an app with friends. I've heard that their duck wings are seriously delicious, and I can advocate that they have an amazing patio that you need to check out this coming summer.

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4. Hambrgr // 49 King William St.

Hambrgr puts a creative spin on a classic meal. Whether you're a self-proclaimed carnivore, or a vegan, there is definitely something on the menu that will accomidate your needs! They also have a really fresh and tasty kale and apple side salad for those of you who need an alternative to fries!

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5. Toast // 10 John St N.

If you're a wine enthusiast, toast is your new watering hole. They have an extensive wine list, beautiful decor, and tasty menu options, making it the perfect destination for your next girls night out.

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6. WORK // 337 James St. North

Work is the ideal place to cozy up after a long cold day in the city. Their ramen is always super delicious, and is the perfect way to end a long day!

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7. The French // 37 King William St.

The French is a relatively new addition to Hamilton's restaurant roster, but it already seems to be fitting in nicely. This elegant spot is the perfect place to impress a first date in order to get a second ;).

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8. Saint James Espresso Bar & Eatery // 170 James St. N.

Saint James Espresso Bar is the perfect place to start your weekend while in Hamilton. Enjoy an amazing cup of coffee and an equally as good breakfast ibeautifulautifull decorated cafe.

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9. Chicago Style Pizza Shack // 534 Upper Sherman Ave.

Chicago Style Pizza Shack has some of the friendliest and most accommodating staff around. Be sure to get here early because seats fill up quickly!

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10. The Burnt Tongue // 10 Cannon St E. 

The Burnt Tongue is my go to spot for guilt-free comfort food. Trust me, a bowl of soup can do wonders for a Saturday morning hangover, and the Burnt Tongue is the place to go.

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11. Fsh & Chp // 47 King William St.

Fsh & Chp is a nautical spot located in the heart of Hamilton that serves up some of the freshest seafood in the city. Once you visit you need to try their brie and lobster fondue!

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12. The Coop // 272 King St. W.

Attention chicken lovers! The Coop is the perfect laid-back spot to grab a quick bite on a weeknight. Not to mention that everything they make is seriously amazing, and totally flavour packed.

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13. The Mule // 41 King William St.

The Mule is known fo their tacos, but I am a serious advocate for their calamari. Next time you stop in for a quick bite, make it your mission to try their drool-worthy calamari, you won't regret it.

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14. Nam Nom Banh Mi // 35 York Blvd.

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15. Nique Restaurant // 30 Vine St.

Nique is another spot that is new to the city but has quickly become a favourite among many Hamiltonians. Their sushi nachos are seriously delicious and I highly suggest you try them during your next visit!

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16. Satlick Smokehouse // 282 James St. N.

Saltlick Smokehouse is the perfect place for some southern comfort food. Whether you're looking for ribs, mac and cheese or some crisp coleslaw, this is your spot!

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17. Born and Raised // 224 James St N.

Born and raised is a great spot to take a loved one, or even a first date. They provide a laid back dining experience, and lots os menu options that will cater to many dietary needs!

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18. Jack and Lois // 301 James St. N.

Jack and Louis is a great place for your next hangover cure. Whether you're looking for a greasy burger, mouthwatering onion rings, or a rejuvenating breakfast, they have you covered. They also have an adorable patio that you'll need to take advantage of in the summer months.

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19. Pokeh // 35 York Blvd.

Pokeh offers a healthy spin on the perfect lunch time meal! If you need a mid-day pick me up filled with fresh fish and veggies, this is your ideal option. Be sure to stop by the next time you're in Hamilton.

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20. Mattson & Co // 225 Locke St S.

Mattson & Co is the perfect spot for an elegant Sunday brunch, or a romantic dinner with a loved one. They also have an extremely tasty cocktail menu, so don't be shy about having a boozy brunch!

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21. Lulu's Shawarma // 32 John St N.

Lulu's is definitely a locals favourite, and for a very good reason. The staff at Lulu's are super friendly, and always serve up huge portions that will keep you full for most of the day!