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An All-New Women's Only Ride-Sharing App Is Coming To Toronto

Creating safer transportation for women in the city!
An All-New Women's Only Ride-Sharing App Is Coming To Toronto

As a woman living in the city I know first-hand howterrifying it can be sometimes just trying to get home at night. Women have shared stories of feeling unsafe when trying to arrive at their destination safely and it's just not fair. Why should we have to monitor the way we dress so that we don't attract unwanted attention or take the long route home after school just to avoid unlit areas or side streets? 

While there has been great movements this year by women and men alike in the entertainment industry, bringing to light the difficulties many face with unwanted attention or harassment, there's still huge strides that have to be taken for us to begin to feel safe. 

This all-new women's only ride-sharing app is definitely a new and interesting addition to the city's transit apps like Uber and Lyft, that woman can choose to use if it makes them feel safer. 

DriverHer is a ride-sharing app for women by women and it's launching in Toronto tomorrow, March 16th! The idea behind this app is to help women feel safe when moving around the city by allowing them to be driven by a woman. 

Although there aren't any specific statisticsin Canada on the number of assaults in cabs and other ride-sharing apps, there's been tons of reports that have caught mainstream media's attention in the last few years. There's no denying that women have a valid reason to feel unsafe in other modes of transportation. 

While some might think that creating an app only for women, and allowing only female drivers is sexist. However, it's important for those people to know that by creating this app, hundreds of women in the city will feel slightly safer getting home at night. 

Those women reading this interested in trying out the app, it launches tomorrow. And for anyone offended by the exclusive nature of the app, maybe try and remember that creating safe transportation should be a #1 priority for all of us! 

Check out their website for more information. 

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