As snow continues to fall throughout most of the GTA today, temperatures are starting to drop throughout the area. This morning, Environment Canada's Medical Officer of Health has issued an Extreme Cold Weather Alert for Toronto. Torontonians are urged to stay warm and not to spend prolonged periods outside today. 

An Extreme Cold Weather Alert is issued when it is forecasted that the temperature will reach -15°C or colder, with wind chills reaching -20°C. Temperatures are continuing to drop this evening with temperatures feeling as cold as -23°C. 

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Along with the cold, snow is also expected to continue to fall today until the early afternoon, and 1-3 cm of snow is expected throughout Wednesday as well. The downtown core of Toronto was expected to see between 8-10cm by mid-Monday, while other parts of the GTA were expected to see around 5cm of snow. 

During this Extreme Cold Alert, Environment Canada is encouraging Torontonians to seek shelter, especially if you normally spend long periods of time outside. They are also asking you to consider rescheduling your plans if they are outdoor activities. 

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Environment Canada also advises that during Extreme Cold Weather residents should heat their home to at least 21, especially if there is an infant or elder present and to dress in layers.  

If you see anyone that needs to seek shelter, the City of Toronto is also asking residents to call 311. 

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Temperatures are expected to rise slightly throughout the week. Both Thursday and Friday are expected to see temperatures as high as 2°C with some sunshine.

So make sure to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, as the Weather Network is also calling for a freezing rain storm over the majority of next weekend. 

Stay warm Torontonians!