An Ontario Couple Woke Up To A Massive Snake In Their Bedroom

This is the second snake incident in the province this week.
An Ontario Couple Woke Up To A Massive Snake In Their Bedroom

My worst nightmare came true for an Ontario couple this week when they woke up to a massive snake in their bedroom.

The couple, who live in an apartment in Scarborough heard a sound in the night and thought one of their phones had fallen off their dresser. They were horrified to discover it was actually a snake.

While they haven't seen the snake up close enough to fully determine what kind it is, based on the size the couple thinks it could be a boa constrictor.

Adult boas can grow up to 3 meters long and while they are non-venomous they can still be dangerous as they squeeze their prey to death before eating them.

This is the second massive snake related incident in Ontario this week. Over the weekend in Ottawa, a boa constrictor named Murphy escaped from his owner's home and is still at large.

While the two snakes in these incidents may look similar, the chances of Murphy having made it all the way to Toronto from Ottawa are slim, although not impossible if he managed to hop on a truck or something.

It isn't clear how the snake got into the Scarborough apartment but to make an already terrifying situation worse, the snake is still in their apartment. According to a CP24 article, a plumber is now there remove the radiator the snake is hiding behind and a wildlife specialist is on hand to capture it. 

Update: The snake has been captured and safely removed from the apartment. 

Source: CP24

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