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An Ontario Man Tried To Break Into A Police Station And It Didn't Go Well

Police didn't even need to get in their cars to stop this crime in Ontario.
An Ontario Man Tried To Break Into A Police Station And It Didn't Go Well

Think of all the places you wish you could break into if you knew you wouldn’t get caught. A bank, maybe your ex’s house to smash up their stuff, perhaps a jewellery store?

Now, where’s the last place on earth you’d logically want to break into? Probably a police station because that would be really dumb, right?

Well, it seemed like a good idea to one man from Ontario who actually tried to. 

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At around 1 AM this morning, Roger Marchand, 42, of Stratford allegedly tried to bust his way into police headquarters in London, Ontario.

It was his last stop on a night of damaging property apparently, as he was spotted earlier breaking the window of a nearby store and hitting the door of another store allegedly.

After that, he went where anyone out for a night of fun breaking things should avoid at all costs, police headquarters.

Police say he hit their glass exit door on the north side of the building with a bicycle chain, eventually breaking the door and trying to enter the building. 

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Unfortunately for him, the cops were predictably waiting for him.

He refused to drop the bike chain when asked, so the police resorted to tasering him.

He’s now facing 3 charges: break and enter with intent, possession of a weapon, and mischief under $5,000.

42-year-old man facing multiple charges after trying to break into London Police Headquarters overnight. Read more here: #ldnont

July 26, 2018

The damage he caused is estimated around $3,000.  

Usually, police have to chase criminals around, it must be weird for them to have one come right to the door. 

Source: London Police

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