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An Ontario Restaurant Owner has Been Fined Nearly A Million Dollars And Thrown In Jail For Poor Treatment Of Employees

Restaurant owner Yuk Yee Ellen Pun will be serving time for not doing a simple thing.

A now-former restaurant owner from Ontario is facing a massive penalty for not doing the most basic thing you should when you own a business of any kind.

That would be to pay your employees who show up each day and work hard in order to receive fair and adequate compensation. 

And the consequences for her not paying up are harsh. 

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Yuk Yee Ellen Pun has been sentenced to a total of 90 days in jail for failing to comply after the government ordered her to start paying her employees properly.

Ellen Pun and the companies that backed her Regal restaurant chain have also been fined $900,000 for not complying with the order.

More than 60 employees of Ellen Pun’s restaurant chain lost out on $676,000 in wages and other mandatory compensation such as overtime pay. 

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The government has known that she wasn’t paying her employees properly for quite some time. Back in 2015, she was ordered to pay more than $457,000 to them.

She didn’t though and plead guilty to all charges in court this week.

Avvy Go, lawyer who works for the Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic in Toronto, said in a statement that the sentence sets a new precedent for crimes of this nature, “where the court has imposed a jail sentence on a director of a company for failing to comply with the Employment Standard Act.” 

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“It sends a strong message to other employers that they must respect the rights of their employees under the law,” Go said in the statement. 

The Regal restaurant chain shut down in 2013.  

Source: Globe and Mail