Chatham-Kent is a small town located in Southern Ontario, but let me tell you there are some pretty interesting things going on down there and the local police released a list on their website to prove it.

To educate people on what calls are appropriate and which ones are completely absurd, Chatham-Kent police wants people to take a look at this list which informs everyone of the ridiculous phone call inquires made in 2016:

1. A resident called 911 asking for the local KFC's number.

2. A woman called the emergency line to complain that all her TV channels were in French, but she's not French.

3. Police were called to seattle an argument between two neighbours over a jar of peanut butter.

4. Someone called the emergency line to ask who delivers the London Free Press in certain neighbourhoods.

5. After posting a photo on social media, a resident asked police if they could assist him in lowering the temperature in his apartment.

6. A woman call 911 and asked if it was legal for her to trap squirrels that were in her back yard and take them to a nearby farmer’s field.

7. A woman posted on Facebook that ‘he’s trying to kill me.’ Her friends were concerned and they ended up calling the police because they were unable to reach her. The woman was located and completely fine but she had to explain herself to the officers. She posted ‘he’s trying to kill me,’ in reference to the toxic gas in the room after her husband farted.

8. A caller reported to 911 that his wife's purse had been stolen, but the call taker did not note down the word 'purse.' This led to "a lot of concern" for those who read it and believed the man's wife had been stolen over an hour ago.

9. An individual broke into his neighbour's apartment and found him standing with a baseball bat. He lost his boot when he fled the scene - and guess what he did? Sent his girlfriend back to get it.

10. Police arrived at a scene after a phone call was made about a commercial break in. During the foot chase, the man tossed pink urinal cakes. He later explained that he used the urinal cakes to play hockey with.

Pretty ridiculous don't you think? Chantham-Kent Police also released a list which included the most ridiculous speeding excuses in 2016:

  • I have something wrong with my battery and I was trying to charge it fast.
  • I just washed my truck and I was trying to dry it off.
  • I was practicing my lines for a play and must have been pushing on the gas pedal.
  • The speedometer is in mph and that’s why I was going 80 mph.
  • I am just keeping up with traffic (there was no other traffic around)
  • I had to pass the truck because it pulled out in front of me (no truck around)
  • I have a vibration in the car when driving at high speeds and I was trying to figure out what it was.
  • What 60km/h zone?
  • This is an old car, there’s no way I could have been going that fast.
  • I’m not in a hurry, just late for an appointment.

Did you get a laugh out of this article? Cause I sure did.