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An Ontario-Wide March To Protest OSAP Changes Will Be Held Next Month

A protest against OSAP changes will be held all over Ontario next month.
An Ontario-Wide March To Protest OSAP Changes Will Be Held Next Month

On January 17, Doug Ford’s government announced multiple changes to OSAP funding and university tuition. When the changes were announced, many students argued that these changes were unfair and unjust when it came to student rights. Now, in order to be heard, Students For Ontario is hosting a "Province-Wide March For Student’s Rights" protest next month and all universities are expected to participate.

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Ontario students have already been doing everything in their power to be heard. For the past six days, multiple protests have occurred throughout Ontario and a petition to stop Doug Ford’s OSAP cuts has been signed by over 205,000 people.

Now, thousands of students are interested in standing up against the Ford government next month to continue to protest these OSAP changes. The march is set for Monday, February 4 from 12 PM until 3 PM and is expected to happen all over Ontario.

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Every campus across the province is said to be having a protest during this time, while a massive march will also occur in downtown Toronto. Those in the Toronto area can participate in the march at Queen’s Park, as students have already done last week.

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For more information, or if you wish to participate in the province-wide protest, you can click here.

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The first Toronto protest that occurred the day after the announcement gathered a crowd of hundreds of students who stood outside of Queen’s Park for hours. They chanted and gave speeches on how these OSAP changes would affect them.

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Of course, it’s no surprise that students across the province our not on Doug Ford’s side when it comes to these new OSAP changes. Many students have taken to social media to voice their opposing opinions on the matter.

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Yet Doug Ford is holding his ground and his government is not protecting their choices by stating, “nothing ever stays the same,”.

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Students are hoping that this protest will make Ford rethink his stance on student rights.  

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