Another Massive Snake Was Found In Ontario And It’s The Third This Week

The python was found in a recycling bin during a weekly garbage pickup.
Another Massive Snake Was Found In Ontario And It’s The Third This Week

It's been a week full of snakes in Ontario this August and the trend doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. 

Another snake was found in Windsor, Ontario over the weekend in Canada. The staff of a local waste disposal centre found a "ball python" in the bottom of a blue bin while at work on Saturday. 

Abandoned python found at #Windsor waste disposal centre via

August 20, 2018

The city's humane society has said that they believe that the snake ended up in the bottom of the bin for a reason. Since the snake is not native to Canada, they think that a pet owner probably abandoned the reptile. 

While the ball python can grow up to five feet long, the snake is basically harmless to humans. But as a cold-blooded member of the animal kingdom, the approaching fall months could have caused this snake to freeze to death. 

Python discovered on processing line at Windsor, Ont., recycling plant. Humane Society believes the snake is an abandoned pet.

August 20, 2018

The Windsor python isn't the only snake that's caught the media's attention this week. Two other reptiles were spotted across Ontario too and the rise in snake sightings is quite shocking. 

First, an alert was put out for Ottawa residents when a massive boa constrictor named Murphy was reported missing last Monday. The snake has been reported as shy but has also never been outside of his home before. 

We aware of unconfirmed reports of a boa constrictor allegedly at large in Kitchissippi Ward.If you should see the snake, do not approach it and call 3-1-1. #ottcity#ottnews

August 13, 2018

Then on Thursday, a couple in Scarborough awoke to find another massive snake sitting in their bedroom. They thought their phone had fallen off their table only to see that there was instead a huge snake just waiting for them to open their eyes. 

While it's unclear why all these snakes are making an appearance in Ontario this month, it's definitely a scary situation for those who find the slithery creatures terrifying. 

Source: Windsor Star

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