Anti-Lockdown Protestors Are In Toronto Again & Now They're Licking Statues (VIDEO)

The protest seems to be becoming increasingly bizarre!
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Anti-Lockdown Protestors Returned To Toronto & Now They're Licking Statues (VIDEO)

Demonstrations in the 6ix are apparently becoming increasingly unhygienic. On Saturday, anti-lockdown protestors returned to Toronto in order to speak out against COVID-19 restrictions. This week, an activist took things one step further, by licking the Sir John A. MacDonald statue in defiance.

Four the fifth consecutive weekend, demonstrators gathered in Toronto’s Queen’s Park, to protest the government’s COVID-19 safety measures.

While the activists have caused increasing controversy in recent weeks, things went one step further on Saturday, May 23.

In an effort to defy health recommendations, and to prove how unafraid he was of COVID-19, one man was filmed licking the park’s statue of Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald.

According to The Post Millennial, the man said, “This is how afraid I am of the phony covid virus, just watch," before putting his tongue on the sculpture.

He reportedly went on to scream, "F*ck propaganda, it's propaganda, I'm not afraid wooo, big bad covid, it's gonna get you wooo, I'm so scared."

The person concluded by adding, "All you cowards out there, all you sissies ... Stop being cowards, stop being sheep."

The man was joined by approximately 400 demonstrators, who were carrying banners and signs, and chanting “end the lockdown.”

During the protest, many of those present ignored social distancing protocol, and were not wearing masks or face coverings.

In addition, those involved held signs which had messages such as, “F*ck 5G,” "We want our children to know we didn't stay silent," and “Work not welfare.”

For the fifth consecutive week, some people carried anti-vaccination signs, as well as banners with anti-government and anti-Trudeau messages.

Even dogs were spotted with anti-lockdown messages.

In previous weeks, protestors came under fire for carrying the Canadian flag upside down, an act which led Ontario Premier Doug Ford to describe the activists as “a bunch of yahoos.”

Those in attendance reportedly claim to be speaking out against the loss of income due to lockdown, as well as showing their support for small businesses and others seriously affected by COVID-19 restrictions.

The protest occurred on the same day that 10,000 people reportedly gathered at Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Photos and videos showed thousands of Torontonians socializing in large groups, not wearing masks and failing to follow proper physical distancing protocol.

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