Ontario has been plagued with several bouts of rain these past few months, but the weather is expected to heat up in the upcoming weeks.

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Anthony Farnell, the chief meteorologist for Global News, reported that August will be the hottest and driest month for most of Canada, including Ontario. Weather trends are harder to predict for this year because El Niño and La Niña are not prominent, but current data supports Farnell's prediction of hotter temperatures across the province.

British Columbia is expected to receive much hotter and drier weather in August, which raises concerns due to the current forest fires occurring in the area. The Prairies, Ontario and Quebec are expected to see warmer weather as well, with some incidences of severe thunderstorms. Though there won't be any periods of extended heat, 30-degree temperatures are still expected to arise in each region. The Maritimes should also see more storms, as hurricane season is expected to approach soon. 

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