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Auston Matthews Says Morgan Rielly & GF Tessa Virtue Are Basically Attached At The Hip

Matthews was “really pissed” at Mo for ditching him to be with Tessa.

It turns out Toronto Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews doesn’t like being the third wheel. In an interview with Barstool's "Spittin’ Chicklets" podcast (SC) posted on Thursday, February 27, the player revealed he’s “pretty pissed” at long-time pal Morgan Rielly. His main qualm? That Rielly's girlfriend, Tessa Virtue, is stopping the two hockey players from pursuing their bromance.

In the SC podcast, Matthews explains how he hasn’t been able to see Rielly very much this year “because he has a girlfriend now.” 

“I was pretty upset with him for a while and I would chirp him and stuff like that because he kind of kept it quiet, he didn’t come out and say it..." complained Matthews.

Initially, the 22-year-old blamed the iconic retired Olympic ice dancer for taking up his friend's time.

“I was really pissed because me and him would go to the Raps game every year when Russell Westbrook would come, so we’d always sit courtside... This year, he didn’t go with me because his girlfriend was in town and that’s where it really fell off for me.”

It's not just us who think it's pretty cute how salty he sounds, right? Most of us have probably felt similarly at some point in our life. 

The interview continues with the fashionable Leafs player admitting he actually even went as far as to call out Virtue.

“I actually spoke with her and was like, I can’t believe you did this. This is tradition, you don’t mess with tradition."

He goes on to say Virtue said she actually encouraged Rielly to go to the game, but that his friend refused, leaving him less than happy with his teammate.

Leafs fans have been speculating about the relationship between Virtue and Rielly for quite a while.

But their public appearance at the Blue and White Leafs Gala this January seemed to confirm their suspicions.

Plenty of commenters can't believe Matthews had the nerve to talk to Virtue that way.

"Sinking into the image of Auston Matthews bitterly telling Tessa Virtue she stole his friend," reads one tweet.

Hey, we all get jealous, ok?

For what it's worth, it sounds like Matthews and Virtue see eye to eye these days.

He added: "Then I met her and she was an absolute sweetheart, so I was like alright, I’ll give (Mo) the benefit of the doubt now, she’s cool.”

And, as you can see, it looks like Matthews and Virtue were all smiles at the gala.

Still, thanks to Auston for the tea.

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