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The Auston Matthews-Justin Bieber Bromance Is Real & Here To Stay

AM ❤️ JB
The Auston Matthews-Justin Bieber Bromance Is Real & Here To Stay

Justin Bieber loves the Toronto Maple Leafs, we all know that. But it appears the love is mutual and strong, at least with one particular Leafs star. There's a true Belieber on the Toronto team and the Auston Matthews-Justin Bieber bromance is real. Bieber wearing Matthews' jersey was the final Cupid's arrow for AM.

Bieber and his dad were seen at the Leafs' clash with the San Jose Sharks on Friday evening. Bieber Jr. was sporting Matthews' No. 34 jersey, and later took to Instagram to proclaim Matthews "the goat".

Clearly, the love here is mutual. 

On Tuesday, ahead of the Leafs' home clash with the Washington Capitals, Matthews was asked by TSN how he felt seeing the superstar wear his jersey at the game on October 25.

"It's pretty sweet," says Matthews. "It's cool having guys like that be big fans of the team and support our team. Obviously him being from here and him being who he is, it's pretty awesome to see."

Bieber was all smiles while watching his team beat the Sharks 4-1. The artist shared a bunch of snaps from the game on his Instagram, to just reiterate the love he has for the Canadian team.

If you're an ultimate Belieber, you'd know Bieber has always been a Toronto fan, even before Matthews was on the team.

These days, though, he clearly stans Matthews in the way many Leafs fans do.

If the love goes both ways, so does the fanboyism.

Speaking on Tuesday, Matthews admitted he's excited by Bieber's Instagram tease of a possible Christmas album. and if that's the case, we may soon be getting some new Bieber music. Matthews is excited and so are we.

An interesting side note from Matthews: he beliebs Bieber will be back to continue the bromance tonight as the Leafs host the Capitals at the Scotiabank Arena.

If that proves to be the case, expect to see some more hockey love on Bieber's Instagram.

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