One Of Toronto's Baby Foxes Has Died In A Suspected Dog Attack At Woodbine Beach

Toronto Wildlife Centre volunteers are now patrolling the area.
Baby Toronto Fox Was Killed In A Suspected Dog Attack Last Weekend

The Toronto Wildlife Centre is asking for the public's help to protect the den of Toronto's baby foxes. The centre announced that a baby Toronto fox was found dead in the Woodbine Beach areas last weekend. The boardwalk has become a popular destination this month after it was discovered that the family was living underneath it. 

In a post on Facebook, the Toronto Wildlife Centre announced that last weekend, the deceased fox was discovered by a volunteer during an early morning shift. 

While it is still unclear exactly how the pup died, the centre is suspecting that it was a dog attack. 

"The wounds suggested a larger predator killed the poor kit, and because the body was left there, it’s likely an aggressive dog was responsible,” TWC said in a statement.

TWC alleges that the presence of off-leash dogs in the area could’ve caused the babies to grow dangerously comfortable around their predator.

“Many owners have been seen letting their dogs charge at the foxes, sniff them or the den they’re hiding in – and most often the dogs are off-leash. Consequently, the baby foxes have grown accustomed to the presence and scent of dogs, losing their natural fear of them,” TWC added.

Now, TWC is asking the public’s help protect a den of foxes.

They are asking residents in the area to keep their dogs on leashes and to avoid the area which the animals have now called home. 

According to TWC, volunteers are taking shifts every day to perform “aversive conditioning” around the pups.

The effort is being made to re-train the foxes to fear and avoid people.

“Although it may look unpleasant, volunteers rushing at a fox kit, and clapping or stomping on the ground, is exactly what they should be doing to help save the foxes’ lives,” the non-profit added.

A batch of fencing was erected earlier this month to keep the foxes safe and undisturbed by humans. 

The City of Toronto also released a statement last month asking residence to stop gathering around the critters to take photos. 

Patrick John Gilson
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