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Bachelor Villain Corinne Confesses Whether Or Not She Slept With Nick

Though she didn't win Bachelor Nick's heart, Corinne stole the show this season thanks to her villainous antics. Following Monday's explosive "Women Tell All" episode, E News caught up with Corinne to address a number of rumours that have been following the reality TV star since her stint on the show.

via @colympios

One of those rumours accused Corinne and Nick of sleeping together regularly since the show wrapped filming. "These rumours with him have got to stop. The rumour about me seeing Nick post show and having sex with Nick post show: That is just stupid," Corinne said to E News. "Who comes up with this bulls--t? The last time I saw [Nick] was the day he put me in the limo."

There you have it! No word on whether they might have slept together during filming, though. I guess we'll have to wait for the tell all book that I'm praying she writes. Team Corinne forever!

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