5 Best Black-Owned Restaurants In Toronto For Mouthwatering Eats, According To Top Chefs

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5 Best Black-Owned Restaurants In Toronto For Mouthwatering Eats, According To Top Chefs

If you're looking to celebrate Black History Month through food, there are so many Black-owned restaurants in Toronto that you can check out.

Narcity spoke with three top chefs and restaurateurs who shared what they think the best Black-owned restaurants are in the 6ix that you can support this month and all year long.

From family-run spots that serve the tastiest doubles outside of Trinidad to flavourful vegetarian eats, here are the top five Black-owned restaurants in the city that you absolutely have to check out.

One Love Vegetarian

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Caribbean, Vegetarian

Address: 854 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Nuit Regular, who's behind Kiin, Sabai Sabai, PAI and Sukhothai, named One Love Vegetarian as the best Black-owned restaurant in Toronto because the food is both delicious and flavourful.

"Chef Ikeila Wright is so passionate about sharing her Caribbean cuisine with others. It's something that I can relate to, as a chef who has a great passion for sharing my own Thai cooking with Toronto diners," Regular told Narcity.

"Her space is so happy and friendly—always smiling and welcoming. It's just wonderful to be in that space."

Off the menu, Regular recommends the roti with curried chickpeas and potatoes.


Leela's Roti and Doubles

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Trinidadian

Address: 2573 Victoria Park Ave., Scarborough, ON, and 900 Rathburn Rd. W., Mississauga, ON

Why You Need To Go: "You won't find a Doubles or a Roti better outside of Trinidad," host of Food Network Canada's Man Fire Food and judge on Wall of Chefs, Roger Mooking, told Narcity.

And, you could grab a bite right for the next Raps' game you catch, because Mooking shared that the family-run business is "the official Doubles and Roti provider at Scotiabank Arena."

"The owners are gracious and passionate about putting smiles on faces with their food and hospitality, what more can you ask for?"

There are 10 different kinds of roti you can order off their menu, including boneless jerk chicken and channa and potato.


Albert's Real Jamaican Foods

Price: 💸 - 💸💸

Cuisine: Jamaican

Address: 542 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Mooking shared with Narcity that he used to live around the corner from Albert's Real Jamaican Foods, and was a regular there.

"This spot is legendary and the owner Albert is always kicking around the place keeping the ball rolling for decades," he said.

"To this day I still see many of the same staff behind the counter and in the kitchen, they've watched me grow up and I know I'm far from the only one who can say that."

Albert's has been serving customers for over 35 years, offering selections from drool-worthy savoury snacks to hearty dinners, too.

"Everything on this menu is as good as it gets outside of Jamaica," Mooking said.


Beach Hill Smokehouse

Price: 💸 - 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Barbecue

Address: 172 South Main St., 429 Danforth Ave., and 2910 C Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: "If you're looking for delicious, authentic Texas BBQ, Beach Hill has it — melt in your mouth brisket and ribs," Janet Zuccarini, a resident judge on Top Chef Canada and owner and CEO of Gusto 54 (behind Gusto 101, Gusto 501, Chubby's Jamaican Chicken and Trattoria Nervosa), shared with Narcity.

If you're looking for a feast, opt for the Jurassic Park Cookout that serves up to six people and comes packed with pork ribs, brisket, smoked turkey, sausages and two sides. Yum!



Price: 💸 - 💸💸

Cuisine: Haitian, Creole

Address: 452 Kingston Rd., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: If you're by the Beaches, why not hit up Boukan?

"You'll get a lesson on Haitian culture and cuisine, especially if you sit at the tiny bar," Zuccarini said and added that you can "feel the love" from the staff and the passionate chef.

If it's your first time there, Zuccarini suggests trying the griyo fritay, which is a pork dish that's served with both regular and sweet plantains as well as marinad.


Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor