The List Of Best Canadian Restaurants Is Here & Nearly Half Of Them Are In Toronto

38 restaurants in Toronto are the top in the country!
Best Toronto Restaurants Nearly Dominated A List Of Favourite Canadian Eateries

Have you ever wondered what some of the best restaurants in your city are? Well, OpenTable came out with some new info on the best restaurants in Canada, and 38 of them are right here in the 6ix. The best Toronto restaurants are so plentiful we don't even know where to start. The list was a feature of the top 100 restaurants in Canada for 2019 based on the opinions of OpenTable diners. The list is in alphabetical order, citing no definitive "number 1", but Toronto pretty much took the cake, with 38 out of the top 100 restaurants belonging to the city. 55 of the top 100 are in Ontario, making it the leading province to go out to eat in Canada. The data comes from around 500,000 verified diners sharing their opinions on roughly 3,000 eateries in Canada to get the results. Some factors that the results were based on were quality of service, overall dining experience including ambiance, and of course, the quality of the food served. Some of the dining trends of this year were also recorded, and they influenced what people found appealing about the top 100 list. 

For example, plant-based options were a big one. Reviews that mentioned plant-based foods increased on OpenTable by 136% since 2017. 

Healthy food alternatives were also big on the trends list. Cauliflower crust was mentioned 487% more times than it was in 2017. Italian food also won as the most popular cuisine for dinner across the board.

Some of the Toronto restaurants came as no surprise. Bar Isabel, Byblos, and Canoe all made the list.

Of course, considering all of these local restaurants have an amazing atmosphere and decor, as well as some of the top-rated food in the city, it's no wonder they scored high. 

Don Alfonso 1890 made the list as well and is one of the most internationally acclaimed restaurants in Toronto.

It holds the title of 2nd best Italian Restaurant in the World, by 50 Top Italy.

Other notable mentions were Grey Gardens, L'Unità Enoteca, Akira Black, and Miku. 

KOKO! Share Bar also as classified as one of the best, offering amazing Korean food and Sushi throughout the week.

Check out the full list of restaurants on the OpenTable website and see what your next dinner reservation will be! 

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