It’s pretty much inevitable that as we grow older, we turn into our parents. It’s just in our DNA. All we can do is learn from their mistakes and take on their good qualities. Bianca Andreescu recently opened up about her own realization that she is slowly turning into her internet-famous mother and how she couldn’t be happier about it.

Maria Andreescu rose to internet fame during her daughter’s historic U.S. Open run for her impeccable style and of course, her adorable dog Coco.

A meme started to trend across all social media platforms which showcased Maria applauding during Andreescu's win. 

Of course, even the tennis player chimed in on the meme, stating "This is actually hilarious. My moms a straight G. I'll never be that cool."

Since then, she has stayed in the spotlight thanks to Bianca’s continued success. She was even a Halloween costume this year, which is pretty impressive for the parent of a Tennis player.

At first glance, the mother-daughter duo appears to be worlds apart with Bianca looking a lot more low-key than her often extravagant mother.

However, according to her recent interview with W Magazine, that’s all about to change.

“I used to be such a tomboy, but now I want to dress up like her and do my makeup,” Bianca told W, while also mentioning that she recently learned the art of a smoky eye from Maria.

The tennis icon also dished on why her mother seemed so poised during her historic tennis run this year.

“My mom told me she didn’t stand up and clap when I was playing because it would have bothered Coco,” she added.

Sadly, the 19-year-old also mentioned that she would be striving for more independence in the future, which means fewer appearances from her star-powered mother.

“Before, I enjoyed having them with me, but now I like to be by myself.”

As for her career, Bianca announced back in November that she would be resting up for the remainder of the 2019 season.

However, she is due to play a couple of exhibitions in Hawaii this Christmas, so don’t count her totally out yet.

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