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Bianca Andreescu Finally Gets A Nod From Drake On Her Latest Instagram Photo

Real finally recognizes real.
Toronto Staff Writer
Bianca Andreescu Finally Gets A Nod From Drake On Her Latest Instagram Photo

Canada's biggest tennis star finally got the nod she's been waiting for from Champagne Papi. During her appearance on The Tonight Show this week, Bianca Andreescu boldly called Drake out for being one of the only stars who didn't congratulate her after her historic U.S. Open win. Drake, who famously rallied behind the Raptors during the NBA Finals, gave the tennis icon no shoutout after her stunning victory over Serena Williams.

Drake may not have congratulated the tennis star. However, he does appear to respect the fact that she is out balling in the 6ix. Andreescu Instagrammed a photo of herself boarding a private jet in Toronto on Tuesday night. The tennis legend was decked out in a purple sweatsuit, looking exactly as you’d expect her to look after earning $3.85 million and shooting up to number five in the World Tennis Ranking. Drake clearly thought the photo was worth a double-tap but has yet to comment.

[rebelmouse-image 25947371 photo_credit="Bianca Andreescu | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="813x599"]

The gesture isn’t much, but it does at least show that Drizzy is aware of the U.S. Open Champion, he just hasn’t gotten around to reaching out in a big way yet. Or maybe he saved his congratulations for Bianca's DMs. 

In case you missed it, Andreescu jokingly threw shade at Drake during her appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Fallon asked Bianca if there was anyone that hadn't congratulated her and she responded "Drizzy..." before bursting into laughter. "Champagne Papi, I'm waiting for you. Don't @ me!" She added.

Obviously, the shoutout was meant to be playful, but Drake should put his influence to good use. Maybe he can convince John Tory to make Bianca's championship parade happen

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