Halloween's a time to dress up as something scary, or, for some, as your idol. There were plenty of great costume ideas this year but one definitely stands out, particularly after the year this particular person's had. A wide range of Bianca Andreescu Halloween costumes were on show in Canada and some of them were pretty, pretty good.

There's no doubt the Mississauga teenager has become a hero and a big influence on the lives of many Canadians, particularly women, after her US Open-winning 2019.

This Halloween, many people thought to dress up as Andreescu and we're not going to lie, some of these outfits are pretty impressive.

Among the various Toronto-inspired Halloween costumes that were seen around the city, including 'Views' from the CN Tower and even Kawhi Leonard and his 'Kawhactus'.

And it looks like plenty of people were also out defying the horrible Ontario storm-like weather last night dressed as Andreescu, who has become something of a people's champion in 2019.

Bianca herself even shared some costumes on her Instagram story on Friday, joining in on the fun.

And there were plenty to enjoy, there's no doubt about that. Here are just some of the on-point costumes that honoured the tennis star.

Some people took it further, and even incorporated Bianca's mom. Even Maria Andreescu has the people on her side, after all.

We're not sure about that last one, to be honest.

This year has been the Halloween of Canadian sports.

As well as the Kawhactus, for instance, the success of the Raptors was honoured by a variety of impressive pumpkin carvings. The Raptors themselves had some fun in costume, meanwhile, as did the Toronto Maple Leafs.

And, with Andreescu's remarkable success, she was always going to be honoured, too.

We can't wait to see what next year brings.

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