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Bianca Andreescu Was Just Spotted Partying In Toronto With Danny Green (PHOTOS)

Two of Canada's latest champions were all smiles last night.

Every big win should always be followed up by an even bigger celebration. Bianca Andreescu took that motto to heart on Monday night while she was out basking in the glory of her Rogers Cup victory. The Canadian tennis star was spotted living it up at Toronto’s Wildflower club on Monday night. You would think that the 19-year-old would have trouble finding someone who could relate to her level of success, but then Danny Green showed up.

The two sports giants were all smiles while partying together at the club. Did they talk about whose trophy is bigger? Did they compare crowd sizes? Who knows! But the Reddit community was quick to weigh in with their thoughts on the photo.

Most users celebrated the players for being the champions that they are and for bringing pride back to the north:

The Rogers Cup champion is pretty much Canada’s golden child right now. Especially after Andreescu's heartwarming gesture of support for Serena Williams when she decided to withdraw from the match. It’s always nice to see great athletes show up for their competitors.

As for Green, he seems to be living up his last summer in Toronto with all of his Canadian celebrity friends. The Raptor star was spotted with comedian Russell Peters over the weekend: