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Bianca Andreescu Made A Fearless Decision Before Her Serena Showdown, Her Coach Reveals

Imagine playing against one of the most important and most known players to tennis the world has ever seen. Having to play a U.S Open final against Serena Williams may seem like a dream come true and possibly the most stressful moment of your life. This didn't faze 19-year-old Bianca Andreescu, though, and it turns out her team was pretty determined to make sure she wasn't intimidated ahead of the face-off — which, of course, she ultimately won to take home the trophy and the championship.

Her team — and especially her coach, Sylvain Bruneau — seems to have helped her stay focused and worry-free before playing against Williams.

On Tuesday, Bruneau shared a story with reporters about a moment before the finals which, without some quick thinking and a stubborn stance, could have affected Andreescu on the court.

As broadcast by CBC, Bruneau shares that 30 minutes before the final, Serena walked into the area that she'd been using to warm up during the tournament.

This also happened to be the same place in which Andreescu had been practicing.

The team suggested asking Andreescu if she still wanted to warm up there seeing as how Serena, female tennis' greatest star, had taken the spot. Bruneau was determined. He said no, Andreescu was not going to change because of Williams.

"We spent a lot of time making sure she was not going to be intimidated, so we're not going to start right before the match," Bruneau said.

So, the two players warmed up in the same place. Who knows, maybe that equal footing helped Andreescu feel more secure on the court.

There's no doubt that Williams is a powerhouse and has helped paved the way for female tennis players. If successful, this would've been her record-tying 24th title.

"There's an aura around her. She's a legend but you cannot back off," Bruneau said of Andreescu's defeated opponent.

In the end, at only 19 years old, Andreescu was able to prove that no matter who she plays, she won't be stopped from training where she wants or achieving her dreams. Canada's first Grand Slam singles winner may even get a championship parade if people have their way.

She's still waiting for that coveted Drizzy shout-out, though.

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