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Canada’s Top Google Searches About Bianca Andreescu Are Creepy & Random

People are turning to Google with their weird questions.

It's #SheTheNorth madness in Canada as the country celebrates its second major sports victory of 2019. Bianca Andreescu became Canada’s “it” girl this month after her stunning performance at the U.S. Open tournament. In the wake of her newfound national fame, it seems that many people are turning to Google with their random and sometimes creepy Bianca-related searches.

Data company SEMrush reported that in total, #SheTheNorth was used a whopping 23,062 times on Sept. 7, the day of Andreescu's Grand Slam win. The numbers showed a 13,387% increase from its incarnation on Sept. 5.

According to public relations agency Punch Canada Inc., Google searches for “hot” photos of Bianca Andreescu have also skyrocketed by 5,337% since June. 

Based on Google's top autofill searches, it's clear that Canadians want to be in the loop on Bianca's life. Such as the details of her brief public moment with Drake. Andreescu jokingly called the rapper out for not congratulating her during her appearance on The Tonight Show. Drizzy eventually got back to Bianca shooting her a heartfelt Instagram DM.

People are also asking Google if Bianca's vegan. The answer to that isn't clear, however, she did sign an endorsement deal with  Montreal-based vegan restaurant chain Copper Branch, so it’s certainly possible.

Also, people are curious about her relationship status. "Bianca Andreescu boyfriend" and "Is Bianca Andreescu single" are among the top searches.

Of course, many Google searches are also made about Bianca's mom Maria Andreescu, who is somewhat of an internet sensation at this point. People are also Googling Bianca's adorable dog Coco, who is often seen perched on Maria's lap at Bianca's games.

As with any public figure or celebrity, curiosity and interest in their personal lives are expected and sadly, creepy Google searches are inevitable. 

As for Andreescu, it's clear that she has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. She is already eyeing the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, and her participation is sure to bring her even more international attention.