If anything proves just how much can come from putting in hard work, it might be this. Canadian tennis star Bianca Andreescu's year has been wild, and her quick jump to fame might mean some people don't realize how far she's truly come. But pictures of the run-down condition of her childhood sports centre in Romania go some way to illustrating that.

Andreescu was born in Mississauga, Ontario, to Romanian parents.

She and her family moved back to the European country for around two-and-a-half years when she was six years old.

While she was back in her parents' country, she began to pick up a tennis racquet on a regular occasion at the Prundu sports base in Pitesti.

Photos which emerged on Monday, December 16, show the dilapidated state the sports centre is in these days.

The photos, published by leading Romanian sports site Sport.ro, show the extent of the disrepair.

The sports base looks like an abandoned gym, complete with peeling paint and broken chairs. 

Andreescu's childhood coach, Gabriel Hristache, said that it's a "sad" situation in Romania. "We didn't build anything, (and) we didn't keep what was before."

Andreescu worked with Hristache at Prundu, which housed 12 tennis courts at the time the Andreescu family left to return to Ontario a little over a decade ago.

According to Sport.ro, the centre is now ailing, with sloping walls and showers, and changing rooms that aren't in working condition.

To put it short, it desperately needs modernization.

And unless things change, it doesn't look like much rehab work is in the cards. For starters, there is apparently just one single employee currently tasked with maintaining the complex.

Unsurprisingly, it sounds like he's unable to keep up with the current state the centre is in.

Even Pitesti's Mayor, Constantin Ionica, acknowledged it needs saving.

"Some modernization work is needed. Work is needed on a larger scale. We will see what else we can do there," said Mayor Ionica, per Sport.Ro.

Once the Andreescus returned to Canada around a decade ago, Bianca continued her training at Mississauga's Ontario Racquet Club.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Recently, Andreescu admitted that she isn't a huge fan of her recent jump to fame and the difficulties that come with it since she's a rather private person.

There's no doubt that the still-teenage sports star has had a breakout year.

After winning the first U.S. Open, Mississauga welcomed her with her own rally to commemorate the important win.

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