It's Sunday night. You're hella lazy. You just want to eat your favourite junk food and not move. But then comes the question: pizza or Mickey D's...?!

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Fear not! You no longer need to make this grueling decision because we're here to tell you that BIG MAC PIZZA is totally a thing. Located at 962 Danforth Ave, Big House Pizza, has done what we've all dreamed of doing and created a Big Mac inspired pizza. The pizza is actually called the John A. McDonald pizza, named after Canada's 1st Prime Minister. And who says history is boring?

What exactly does that entail? It's a pizza topped with ground beef, cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, pickles and obviously SPECIAL SAUCE. Truly drool-worthy...

But why stop at just pizza? Big House Pizza has also created Big Mac inspired fries....MMmmmmm.

If Big Macs aren't your thing, don't worry they have plenty more delicious and creative pies to choose from: