With election season well underway, election signs and campaign billboards have been appearing all throughout Canada, especially in Toronto. Most recently, a billboard for Bill Morneau, who is currently a Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre, has been the talk of Twitter. The billboard showcases Morneau standing beside Trudeau, both of them shaping their hands into hearts, showing the true bromance between the pair. 

On Wednesday morning, Matthew Barnes, the communication and issues manager of the Minister of Finance, and former assistant to Bill Morneau took to Twitter to share the new pink billboard. 

The caption on the billboard reads "Re-elect Bill Morneau, Toronto Centre" while showcasing a cute photo of Trudeau and Morneau together. While it is still unclear exactly where this billboard is located, it is already facing backlash from some Twitter users. 

Morneau, who is a Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre and Canada's Minister of Finance is working towards getting re-elected under the Liberal party this term. Due to this, it would make sense why Morneau and the current Prime Minister of Canada seem cozy in the latest Twitter photo. 

However, despite the tweet of the billboard trying to make light of the election season, it seems that it is facing some pretty harsh backlash. 

After the photo was posted by Barnes, many Twitter users seemed to be more than willing to attack it and the two men who were featured in it. 

One user even stating, "The Trust Fund Bromance." While another user stated, "Is this the Canadian Bachelor?"

However, despite some of the backlash that some users seem to be giving the billboard, Barnes posted his photo with the caption, "Some Toronto Centre love," showing his support for the pair. 

While this billboard is meant to shine Trudeau in a positive light, it's not the only one that he has been featured on this election season. 

This summer, anti-Trudeau billboards started to pop-up around Ontario, painting an unflattering picture of the current Prime Minister. 

According to Narcity, the anti-Trudeau billboards appeared across the province, reading "We can't afford four more years." and "Firing Stong Women: Trudeau Must Go." 

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