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Blizzard Alert In Place For Toronto And Southern Ontario

Photo cred - Kevin Konnyu

As of 10:30am today, Environment Canada has issued a snow squall alert for several regions in southern Ontario, Toronto happening to fall within one of them. Snow squalls are localized whiteouts or blizzards, that affect small areas at a time, and move around. Weather is weird, man.

There's a chance the storm won't hit you today, but there's also a chance you could get caught in it. It really just depends where you happen to be. EC has predicted that the snow squalls will begin late this afternoon or evening, with around 10-15cm of snow accumulating overnight. They're warning that visibility will likely be low, so it might be good to stay off the road tonight.

Keep tabs on your preferred weather stations/sites/apps to stay in the know about where the snow squalls will be, and how intense they are.


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