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Fans Renamed A Toronto Street After The Raptors But Not Everyone Is Here For It (PHOTOS)

Some Toronto residents are saying "nay" to the new Raptors Way.
Fans Renamed A Toronto Street After The Raptors But Not Everyone Is Here For It (PHOTOS)

The street name of Blue Jays Way in Toronto was just unofficially changed to Raptors Way, but not all fans are supportive of the switch.  In preparation of Game 5 of the NBA Finals tonight, two hardcore Raptors fans took it upon themselves to dedicate a street in downtown Toronto to Canada's team. Allegra Wiesenfeld and Reid Plaxton had the street sign for Blue Jays Way renamed.

Just one win away from clinching the NBA Championship title for the first time ever, fans are going all out to demonstrate their Raptors pride. Wiesenfeld told Narcity, "Basically the idea came from a brainstorm about what we (me and my friend Reid Plaxton) could do to show the Raptors some love before Game 5."

She went on, "We love the Blue Jays, but we thought changing the sign would be a funny way to support the Raptors as they make history."

Wiesenfeld reported that when she initially conjured up the idea for the new street name, it was meant to be nothing more than a joke. She and Plaxton had been brainstorming ways to inspire the Raptors to propel into NBA Championship triumph.

[rebelmouse-image 25937286 photo_credit="Allegra Wiesenfeld | Submitted" expand=1 original_size="448x598"]

Last night, the duo put their plan into fruition. They measured the street sign's dimensions and climbed on ladders and each other's shoulders to secure the signs up with tape.

Lukas Weese, one of Wiesenfeld’s pals and a sports journalist, told Narcity, "The innovative creation Allegra did is just another example of how inspiring the Toronto Raptors movement is. It is a testament to the power of basketball to unify people across this glorious country to support our Raptors."

But it doesn’t seem that all Torontonians share the sentiment.

While support for the Toronto Raptors throughout the city has inarguably reached its peak, fans have been quick to criticize the decision to overwrite Blue Jays Way's street sign.

Despite the Raptors' overwhelming success, Toronto fans feel that the move to change the street name casts a shadow on the achievements contributed by the Toronto Blue Jays, who won the World Series title back in 1992 and 1993.

It seems that some fans believe the Raptors are entitled to their own street near Scotiabank Arena.

For those campaigning to change the name of the street officially, it's not quite as easy as sticking a piece of paper the street sign with tape.  A formal application to rename a street must be submitted in writing to the Manager of Land & Property Surveys with the City of Toronto. The application must then receive approval from the Community Council.

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