The rest of Ontario might have been hit with snow squalls and super chilly temperatures this week, and yet somehow Toronto stayed in the clear. Until now. 

Environment Canada announced that snow will be on its way to Toronto and the GTA as of Thursday evening and the white stuff will continue intermittently until Tuesday.  

Along with a fair amount of the snow, Environment Canada also warns that there will be bone-chilling temperatures and wind cooling down the entire city. 

There's currently a 40 per cent chance of flurries for Thursday with temperatures hovering around 0°C all day. But things are seriously dropping Thursday night to -5°C, but thanks to the wind chill, that will actually feel more like a chilly -11°C, which is a few degrees colder than usual for this time of year. 

And even though Toronto is still a couple of weeks away from winter officially, the weather on its way is a good, gentle introduction into the harsh winter that may be on its way to Canada

With the flurries continuing into Tuesday and cold temperatures predicted to continue for as far as meteorologists can see, experts are saying any snow that falls over the next few days will likely stick around with continued snow and chilly temperatures holding out for the next few weeks into Christmas. 

Source: The Star, Environment Canada