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Bruce McArthur Has Officially Been Sentenced To Life In Prison

Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur sentenced to life in prison on Friday.

Friends and families of Bruce McArthur's victims finally received closure today after the 67-year old landscaper turned serial killer was sentenced to life in prison today after a stressful week of court proceedings and victim statements. At just after 12:00 PM on Friday, Judge McMahon sentenced Bruce McArthur to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.

McArthur had pleaded guilty last week to the murders of eight men, several of whom had close ties to Toronto's gay village. McArthur stalked the neighbourhood of Church and Wellesley for nearly a decade before being caught.

The 67-year old had shown little remorse in the courtroom, according to reports; he stared blankly ahead as the friends and families of his victims read their statements. McArthur also chose not to speak before the court when given the rare opportunity to explain his actions before the jury. 

As he has each time he's appeared in court this week serial killer Bruce McArthur is sitting with no expression on his face, looking straight ahead at Justice John McMahon.

February 8, 2019

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The details of McArthur's crimes were disturbing; he dismembered his victims, posed their bodies in humiliating outfits and made a mockery of their deaths by placing their remain with planters. “Everything Mr. McArthur did after the murders points not to shame or remorse but relishing in gratification, wanting to relive each murder," prosecutor Harper stated, according to CP24.

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McArthur's legal team had been fighting for him to be eligible for parole in just 25 years under the pretext that it would be "highly unlikely" that the killer would go free and that extending his parole to 50 years would thus be unnecessary and harsh. 

McArthur showed no mercy to his victims and today the courts showed the same level of contempt for him that he held for those he brutally murdered. A killer has been locked away for good; the city finally has its closure.