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Bruce McArthur Turns Down His Only Opportunity To Explain His Grisly Crimes In Court Today

Bruce McArthur brushed aside his sole opportunity to explain his horrible crimes in court this Wednesday.

Bruce McArthur made his final appearance in court before his sentencing this Wednesday via video chat. The convicted serial killer was given a rare opportunity to explain from his own point of view, why he had committed the atrocious acts which shook Toronto’s gay community to its core. But, at McArthur's sentencing hearing today, he chose to hold his tongue.

No regret was expressed, no tears could be seen in his eyes. McArthur was a living statue on the other end of the video call as he responded “no” when presented with his only chance to speak before the court before prosecutors continue their crusade against him, a campaign that will likely land the former landscaper life in prison. "I’ve spoken with my counsel and I don’t want to say anything," he said in court.

McArthur pleaded guilty this past week to eight counts of first-degree murder. The 67-year old preyed on gay men, many of them closeted and married. However, at least one of his last victims, 49-year old Andrew Kinsman, had close ties to Toronto’s gay village. It was Kinsman's disappearance that ultimately led police to McArthur. Kinsman had left a note on his calendar before he went missing, a reminder that read “Bruce”.

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The graphic details involved in McArthur’s crimes were first revealed to the public last week; in-court reporters warned Twitter users to “mute” their threads if they did not wish to be updated on the case. The Crown told the audience in court at the start of McArthur's sentencing that the details of the crimes were disturbing and extremely graphic.

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Warning to people who don't want to see details of a serial killer's crimes in their timelines: I'll be tweeting from Bruce McArthur's sentencing hearing today. Mute me if desired.

February 4, 2019

McArthur strangled his victims, dressed their bodies in outfits and took their photograph before labelling them and uploading his "trophies" to his computer’s hard drive.

McArthur refusal to testify is a bittersweet moment for the friends and families of his victims, their loved one’s killer is captured and headed for life in a jail cell, but they will never know why he did what he did.

Source: The Sun