Bruce Peninsula is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Ontario. People from all over the country make the trip during the summer months to see the wonder of its beautiful turquoise waters, the towering granite cliffs and scenic forest trails.

But many people don't realize just how gorgeous the peninsula is in the winter. It transforms into a breathtaking winter wonderland, complete with snow-covered trees and an icy lake. Its waters slowly freeze, and strong currents push blocks of ice onto the shore, building huge ice mountains that are incredible to look at.

via @alex.ille

There are several benefits to visiting the area during the winter. First and foremost, you won't have to deal with the masses of people who tend to overcrowd the area. Second, you'll have miles of fresh snow to yourself for hiking, snoeshowing, skiing, snowmobiling, camping (yes, winter camping) and even dogsledding.

In the nearby towns, local restaurants, stores and gift shops are also outfitted for the holidays, complete with lights and festive decor. Take a hot cocoa break before heading back out into the park to explore some more.

Even the peninsula's iconic grotto changes into something completely different. The cold weather causes the water and precipitation inside the cove to freeze over, leaving behind spectacular arrangements of icicles.

If you do plan to visit the grotto during the winter, you'll only be able to access Parking Lot 2 (P2). Make sure to take the Cyprus Lake Trail to the Georgian Bay Trail, and follow the path until you reach Indian Head Cove.