Midterm season is among us, and that means stress levels are rising to new heights.  For many of us the added stress makes our school's quirks and charms that much more apparent, and sometimes we just need to vent a little.

We've written about Ontario universities countless times, so today we are showing our local college students some much-needed love.  If you're currently attending an Ontario college or are a recent graduate, there is a good chance you'll be able to relate to our blunt descriptions below.

So if you're looking for something to distract you from studying for your midterms, read on!


Where wearing hiking boots to class is completely acceptable.


Basically just a bigger and more crowded version of your high school.


Where people from small towns bond over being from small towns.


A commuter's nightmare.


Forever known for setting cars on fire and ruining St. Patrick's day, thanks guys.


Where the students are too perky for real life.


Where you spend more time looking for a parking spot than in your lectures.


A dead zone for cell reception and home to the world's shittiest wifi.

George Brown

Master Chef meets Grey's Anatomy.


Should probably change their mascot to a cockroach.


Every girl who wants to start their own day care goes here.


Where you go when you don't get into Ryerson.

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